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 What This Chakra is.

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PostSubject: What This Chakra is.   Thu Aug 28, 2008 7:00 am

In the Naruto world their exist 9 Bijuu (Demons/Beasts). Each demon with a certain number of tails. One tail being the weakest, nine tails being the strongest. Some of these Bijuu have been sealed away within a ninja, because they are simply to powerful to destroy. These ninja are called Jinchuriki. Naruto (9 tailed demon), and Gaara (one tailed demon), are good example of Jinchuriki. Highly trained Jinchuriki are able to tap into the Bijuu Chakra within them and use it at will. Lesser skilled Jinchuriki can only use this Chakra when in a life threatening situation. This is because if the Jinchuriki dies, the Bijuu within them dies. So the Bijuu wants to protect itself from being killed.
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What This Chakra is.
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